Baking up a Storm

“Oh good grief, my arms are about to fall off,” my sister complained. She was whisking eggs for the chocolate cupcakes we were making. I was stationed next to the mixer, slowly pouring in all of the ingredients. Butter, flour, sugar, eggs, and milk. Dusk was slowly creeping in from the kitchen window.
“Come on, we better hurry up,” I tell Daphne (my sister).
“I know, I know. Let’s decorate the cupcakes now, little sister.”
Soon the piping bags are filled to the brim with rich and creamy buttercream icing. First, I make a smiley on one if the cupcakes. Then I make a butterfly, a basketball, and the initials M.C.
“Look at this,” Daphne exclaims. She holds a cupcake at about eye level and starts to decorate it. Suddenly, a small blast of icing squirts on my nose. Daphne just giggles. I wipe the icing of my nose and smear it on Daphne’s check. Now it was my turn to laugh my brains out. Both of our faces were five alarm red.
Let’s just say that we had a night to remember.

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Making Dinner

Going out to eat is usually pretty expenceive, and me and my family were getting tired of frozen meals. So, me and my mom decided to make chili for dinner. I had never made chili before, so boy was I excited! My hands were clean and my apron was tightly knotted. The apron for my mom was always her shirt. Let’s see….. We have beans, sauce, beef cubes, and veggies. Everything we need for chili. I set out to chop the onions while my mom separated the beef cubes. In India beef is hard to come by, so we were lucky. Sizzle! Pop! Hiss! The beef that was cooking on the stove was making quite a noise.
“Here,” my mom had said, “try to cut the onions like this, so you can do it faster.”
“Thanks mom,” I had said. A tear rolled down my check.
“Ooh, are you so happy we’re doing this together?”
“No, it’s the onion.”

Keep on Cooking!


My mom and dad hosted a potluck last night. Have you ever been to one? A potluck is like a party where everyone brings a different dish. I love it when different people bring there favorite dishes to my house to share. Sometimes, people bring to many deserts. But that just means more for me! Some people had borught sushi, pizza, wine, or crackers. Of course, no wine for me. Potlucks are so much fun because you can talk with your friends, eat, and just hang out. Last night I danced for two whole hours straight. I can still here the music pounding in my ears. My favorite dish to bring over to a potluck is deviled eggs or pasta salad. Why? Because you don’t need to heat them up or use your friends oven; which will probably already be half filled with platters.

Keep on Cooking!

New England Cuisine


Hi everyone! I am currently on vacation for 3 weeks, so post many be running behind. I do dearly apologize. But I want to do a quick post right now. Thank you.

When you think New England food, you think clam soup and lobster. Right? I don’t know about you, but my personal favorite is crab soup. Since most of New England is on the ocean, there is always a seafood smell in the air. You will commonly find oyster, clam, and codfish.
In New England, there are many farms growing cranberries, strawberries, and blueberries. Lastnight my grand-aunt made a strawberry whipped cream angel cake. I also went blueberry picking with my cousins at Parlee Farms on Saturday.
Now, this may be a lot different then seafood and berrys, but you can get a wrap or berito at almost any restaurant or sidecart. The bread is dough like, because it is mostly water and flour. Lobster image


There are many cooking shows. Hell’s Kitchen, Boiling Point, Kitchen Nightmares. My favorite is MasterChef, hosted by my role model Gordon Ramsey. What cooking show do you like to watch?
After dinner, me, my mom, and my sister snuggle on the couch to watch the latest episode of MasterChef. We dig in to ice cream that is drenched in sprinkles and chocolate sauce. Blankets are draped around our shoulders. This show was something we all enjoyed and bonded over. Plus, it got me out if doing the dishes! Cooking is something that you can do with someone, and bond together while having a great time.

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When I was little, me and my family would visit my grandma and grandpa’s house twice a year. Once in the summer and once in the winter. I always looked forward to these visits because we would do activities together. My favorite was cookie making with my grandpa and my sister. He always made sure that we all worked together.
Blur, Blur, the stainless steel mixer went. We were all taking turns putting in ingredients in the mixer. First, the flour was gone. Then, I cracked the eggs into a bowl and poured that into the mixer. We kept on doing so in till we had put all of the components in.
“Now,” my grandpa said wisely, “We need to take the dough and make it into tiny balls, like this.” He took a big pinch of the chocolate chip cookie dough and rounded it. Then he placed it on a cookie sheet. Me and my sister followed his every move, joking and laughing with him. After we were done, we had about fifth-teen wonderful tasting cookies.
“And I could never have done it without you munchkins,” said my grandpa.


When you cook, there are so many ingredients you can use. And, so many spices. There’s nutmeg, mustard, chilli peppers, basil, even more. But my favorite spice happens to be cinnamon.
Why this is, there are an endless amount of reasons. First of all, cinnamon goes well with many dishes you can easly make. When I was little, my mom would make me cinnamon toast and cinnamon drenched apples. I loved them.
Another reason is that cinnamon smells, looks, and taste wonderful. It smells very fresh and sweet. Cinnamon tastes like heaven in your mouth. Roll it around in your mouth and you get a fresh and tingly sensation.
My last reason is that cinnamon is quite heathy for you. It can ease arthritis and contains iron and calcium.
So, that is why cinnamon is my favourite spice. It is healthy for you, looks smells and taste wonderful, and will prove its worth.
Keep on Cooking!